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The most recent actions of the President of the United States has left this nation in a quandary. Being a Christian, I have a lot of empathy for the disadvantaged in our nation and in other countries. I myself will be relocating to the Philippines sometime within the next year. I have established a foundation called “The Mindanao Project.” The purpose is to help those who have little or no means of providing adequately for themselves or their families with food and basic needs. Showing the compassion of Christ and then presenting the gospel to them.

So I come from a viewpoint of compassion for the less fortunate not from a position of hostility. The American people DO have compassion on this people. However, what we have occurring today, is the rape and murder of the defenseless. In 2013 it has been discovered agents commissioned by the immigration system traveled to central America and promoted the new administrative position on coming to this country. Thus prior to the massive influx of people last summer, the border positions were ordered to be abandoned. Border agents were moved several miles from the border allowing people to come across the border unimpeded. Agents were then ordered to detention centers in order to oversee the masses of young people and babies. There were found mixed among the hordes of youth, gang members i.e. MI 13who incited and attacked these agents. Also found on our borders were copies of the Quran and prayer rugs. Evidence that jihadist had crossed into this country. We have since had these people distributed across the entire nation, and these children have been incorporated into our school systems and since then a vast array of communicable disease once eradicated from this country have surfaced in our school systems and infecting our children. These have also been found in spreading in the general population.

These immigrants were never screened for the status of their health which was a disservice against them and us. This left those people sick and un-ministered to and left our population vulnerable to the transmission of the diseases carried by them. These actions along with sneaking these people into our communities in the dead of night even after the citizens express emphatically they do not want these people there prove that the intent of these actions are not about compassion as POTUS claims. It is a political move meant to thwart the desires of the nation and to show the nation, that he has all power and shall do what he will.

If we take this action in the context of all the other things which have occurred just this year gives us a keen insight into the true purpose of this current administration. The available options for Congress to address these issues are limited. The Supreme Court is broken, thus bringing this matter to the court for redress, is a crap shoot. They are as likely to determine according to some extra constitutional “theory” as to rule with the constitution. The ruling on the ACA act as an example. It was chief justice John Roberts who determined the act was a tax, even in the face of the lawyers for the administration vehemently declaring it wasn’t. Thus allowing the act to become the law of the land. In his brief the chief justice wrote: Elections have consequences. This mind set seems to be an attempt to reprimand the voters rather than rule defend the constitution. As a consequence the citizenry have no means by which to be protected from the possibility of a rising dictatorship.

The truth on immigration legislation

Senate bill, S.744, is the 1,200-page bill which has been bottled up by Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, in a bit of legislative gamesmanship that has clouded much of the debate over the past two years. Now, that bill has become the centerpiece of last-minute chiding as Democrats say they have exhausted all alternatives except for having Mr. Obama go it alone.

On Monday, Mr. Reid and fellow Senate Democratic leaders told Mr. Obama to quit waiting on Congress and to issue an executive order. They said the president can’t count on Republicans to act before the end of this year and he shouldn’t wait until next year for Republicans to make good on promises they’ve broken before.

Source: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/nov/17/senate-democrats-keep-own-immigration-bill-from-ho/#ixzz3JiXC3wag

What is in this piece of legislation. No one knows. It is an unread and undisclosed bill which was expected to be passed once it reached the house without any amendments, which Harry Reid will not accept.

The whole intent of what is going on now, is to force the Republican house to pass the Senate bill without amendment or else. It is highly likely that this bill is against the interests of the American people and its design is to bloat the democrat voter rolls by the next election in 2016.

This showdown affects our nations future. At risk are:
The office of the President
The separation of powers
The rights of the states
The right of the people to be represented

The notion that the house is not addressing the issue of immigration is false. Here are just two bills which the house has and has been declared DOA by Harry Reid.

• Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement (SAFE) Act, H.R. 2278
• Legal Workforce Act, H.R. 1772

All the bills by the Senate have no provision for addressing the needs of border safety. They do not address (neither does the Executive order) enforcement of legal work status of illegals other than to allow them to take jobs from Americans.

On this issue I have experience. As a skilled tradesman, I have struggled over the last two years to keep and maintain steady work due to the enormous influx of non-English speaking foreigners. All who claim to be from Porto Rico. They are not. They are given paperwork to show they come from there, but they are mostly from Guatemala or Ecuador. Some even confess this. These are not jobs which “no American wants to do.” These are high paying skilled positions which many desire to have, but now have no means by which to obtain. Employers are encouraged to hire these people. It was during the presidency of Bill Clinton that legislation was passed which encourages employers to hire “minorities” and reward them by giving them a financial premium. The effect is that all others are finding themselves at the end of the line for employment by the preference of these preferred groups. This also precludes veterans which I myself am.

What we are going to see is more abuse of the American citizenry by fiat. Unless the natural order of constitutional government is restored, we the people will suffer. Maybe the chief justice was right. Elections do have consequences.


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